Friday, December 10, 2010

Give the Gift of Life For Christmas

I hoped this was not going to be a post that I would have to write,but here goes.
We attended clinic on Monday and there was a problem!

The regular X ray that had been done showed some congestion and it was enough for the Doctors to wish to investigate more so we were asked to expect admission for a Broncoscopy.
We had to return home as that was the day I had nothing with me. We collected the required medication and
clothes told the kids what was happening then returned to Harefield

We went to the upstairs ward above were I was for transplant, into the same numbered room "room 9"
That is were I have stayed.  I hoped that it would not be a long stay.
 The Bronsoscopy was the next day.
After there was no conclusion from the test except that there was no rejection evident a decision was made to start IV antibiotics and then I was told I would be in hospital for another 7 days at lest  for them to work.

So here I am it is good that the staff that I know work here on this ward to but I am fed up!this time around the food is less appealing and the entertainment is wearing thin.
I have been forced to think about Christmas while in here and the only present I will want is to be home with my loving family. To relax, pray to god for the gift I have been given, with hope for no more admissions for the near future.

One thing that has happened while I have been in here is I have been given information about my Donor because I requested to learn more.The information is brief and limited all I have been told was he was a 45 year old man just like me.

He was taken and has left a legacy, a gift in my body I can never repay.

Thank you whom ever you are I am doing the best to make a life. If like me you have a wife and children I will write a letter in the future to tell them about how you helped me with you donation but the coordinator has said that should be left for a while a few months while they recover and I can find the right words.

It has brought it home how important being registered as a donor
So finally you know what I will say now.
If you have registered as a donor you are a star.
If you have yet to do so please do we only know one thing for certain one day life will end.

click HERE it take no time to send a Christmas gift in the future
You could change someone's life. Someone like me!

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