Saturday, July 17, 2010

New XBox is Slim- So is my Bank Account

As you can see from the post title The new Xbox slim that I have had on preorder since my sons birthday in June  has arrived.It looks good shiny, black and sounds whisper quiet has five USB ports and a port for the new Kinect yet to be released.  It brought with it a hole in the my finances that included a few new games the only upside to the deal was that it came in a bundle that included a second wireless controller.

My son was ecstatic and the sound of Forza Motorsport 3 has filled our front room for most of the weekend.

My daughter has taken advantage and is using the good mood to borrow the Game Cube from his room to play Sims on. But I will need to buy new leads to ensure that connections to the TV for this and Wii are available so that the Wii fit will work for my daughter.

It was quite a effort to sort out the jumble of leads already there and avoid inhaling the dust when we set it up and I found that the bending down left me really breathless but we got there in the end and even i did a bit of motor racing with my son I must say I am very impressed by the whole XBox experience and given the hard drive size may look into its media serving capabilities at a latter date.

I found that this weekend due to the change in the weather to damp and rainy I have suffered with my breathing,not as badly as when it is cold mind you. I am not looking forward to the autumn when it does get cold again for this reason.The days have just slipped by. We hope to get away in August before my birthday and it is not long till the kids break up from school for the holidays either.

The other thing to mention is that this blog is now being featured on a health blogging site and was awarded the badge on the left of the main posts. If you click on my name Mark W on the badge you can visit my page on the site. Wellspace host a number of heath related communities and have content that may be of interest
My blog is part of the General Medicine.

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