Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nearly Time for the Holidays

Time is ticking on and it is just one more day before the school holiday for my children and they are restless with waiting. They have half a day to go then six weeks of fighting and quarrelling.No I am joking I hope as the thought of that sort of behaviour fills me with dread.

My wife has gone to work tonight hoping that she can sort out some holiday, when we can get away to the coast to see her family.Her family live in Hastings and as we didn't have a holiday last year due to me being too ill with the persistant infection I had. It is very important that we try to go this year.

With my health problems this is a bit of an production. There is all the equipment that I have to carry like wheelchair and nebuliser, inhalers and the various drugs that I take that will need to be ordered so I don't run out. The bag with extra set of clothes that I keep packed for any calls to transplant, all the information about the car should there be a breakdown.
My stick and portable oxygen bottles.This is all before we pack the normal stuff to go away.Then there is the notice that I will have to give to the Oxygen company three weeks in advance to ensure that a Oxygen concentrator is delivered to the address I am staying at for overnight use.This needs to be provided by my doctor who will have to send forms to the company before they can provide the I will have to get a appointment

Finally I will have to inform Harefields that I will be away and they have said that I needed I would have to call a ambulance to ensure I got to them in time should there be a offer of Lungs.
Just writing that all down has made me feel quite worn already. But as the weather is good and my breathing is as good as it gets, we must try. I thought I would include some pictures of holidays gone by to give you a picture of the area. 

Brighton Peir

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