Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Twits its got to be Twitter

What a eye opening experience it has been over the last few days since I started to use Twitter.It is much more dynamic than Facebook. Thanks to #Ducansdream I have a great bunch of new followers and have had a few more hits on this blog.It is nice to think that people can get a insight into the life of someone on the list because when I talk to people about transplantation they say when are you having your operation? If only if was that easy,I hope that my blog is interesting enough for people to visit again but if one more person signs up for organ donation that is good enough.
My daughter went to London  to visit graduate fashion week at Earls Court as part of her school textiles course. She loved every minute, came back with piles interesting give-aways and was talking about a needing a new camera and bemoaning all the people with large DSLR who were blocking her view.she did get a few pictures on her phone but I understand how frustrating it is when you havent got a camera and something is going on you want to capture.I am debating the possibility of a new compact camera for myself maybe a Canon powershot s90 or a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ10 as I am finding carrying the DSLR harder now but I would really love a new Canon EOS 550D and a macro lens but that is for when I get my transplant and can put it to good use.I may go out and see what Jessops can do local and if I can play with both to compare
but with Oxford parking is always a problem for me so I will see.
Finally here is a great site I came across for everyone who likes to draw and paint it is a online application that is a comprehensive as I have come across yet.
sumo paint  it is great, loads of brushes and effects completely free. I did a quick picture in 10 mins to show some of the thinks you can do but be inspired by some of the art on the site which is much better.

and another site I was told about by a friend and member of Transplant cafe cathy. It is a site implementing the latest HTML standard HTML5, this is the future of the web and the effects that can be produced are amazing you will need to be using Firefox 3.5 Safari 4.0.2 or Chrome,as Microsoft Internet Explorer may not view it correctly and is very slow. See what you think at HTML5 Experiments

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