Sunday, June 20, 2010

FATHER'S DAY - Say Hello to your Dad today if you can

As I woke up this Sunday I was greeted by two lovely cards and presents from my daughter and son they made me so happy.Along with the happiness, this day reminded me that this would be the day that I would have been sending my own card for my father. But this year marks five years since he was taken suddenly in April 2005.
My father and I sometimes had really hard times and I caused him a lot of grief in his life,when you are young you think you know it all and feel invulnerable and never listen to good advice.Funny how right he was in so many things he died suddenly and lots was unsaid between us.I had become ill with the bad case of pneumonia that lead to my health decline that January and had not been to visit much.My wife also lost her father to a sudden unpredicted death.
Now as a father, I hear my father's voice,coming out of my own mouth and understand him better.On this fathers day as I face my illness and the frightening prospect that I might not get to transplant as 30% of people waiting for lung transplants die before they get one.I would really like my dad to talk to.
Another thing that prompted this post was on Twitter earlier today one of my followers posted a picture of his child's grave that he had just put flowers on,and it reminded me that for some people fathers day is not a happy day and they don't have a choice in that.

I would like to send a fathers day wish
to all fathers missing their children
and all children missing their dad.

If you are not talking because of bad blood between you.Give it up swallow your pride and make up with your dad. You might find you are more like him than you think you are.

Don't leave it, life is too short



  1. I can relate to all of what you said there. I lost my Dad in Jan 2001, we never really saw eye to eye and there was so much that I never got to say to him.

    Now I'm a single parent, my son and I are so very close. Never be afraid to tell your family that you love them, I tell my son everyday.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment.The Day I wrote the blog I was very emotional it was important to share my thoughts. I am happy that the feelings that I shared touched you personally. I am glad that you are close to your son and hope that he will always feel able to talk with you when he has concerns.
    All the best Mark


Thank You :-)