Saturday, June 5, 2010

Duncansdream Scheme to Guarantee of a follower for life

I was out on twitter yesterday and joined in with the trending subject of  Duncansdream started by Duncan Bannatyne to get people to follow each other I have got a few followers now and my dream would be that I can make those followers aware of the position of people waiting for a transplant.
I started this blog to let people understand how lung disease has affected me and how it feels to be waiting for the gift of Life a new set of lungs.I am nothing unusual,Retired Nurse,a Father,a Husband and you may not know me much but you can help.
The time it took to tweet for followers is how long it takes to sign the Organ Donor register you could be a hero to people like me.check out this blog there is a link to get to the organ register on this blog you can post your picture on the wall of life.
Lets fill that wall with our pictures my picture is at Wall of Life

You and friends you retweet to could change lives please help by reweeting this link to others and lets see if the dreams of a new life can become real.let us see if Duncandream could increase the amount of people on the register rather than just on your folowers list.

If you dont feel you dont want to yet read and follow this blog and others on the blog list and find out more about how life is for people waiting and how it can be better with the gift of new organs.
Most people want to leave something after they have gone in a legacy to others This could  let you leave something much more precious than money.
The Legacy of a new life      

The only guarantee of a follower for life

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