Monday, April 26, 2010


Went out with my wife today for the first time for a long while, left the kids at home with the hope that they would get on with things that they needed to do, like homework.We only went to the local shops but it was great to get out together.
I felt a bit better for staying in yesterday so it may be that the ash cloud is having a effect on me.When we got back I found my daughter on Facebook and my son telling me he would do his homework later in the week.My son went to youth club in the evening and I went online and found some great websites.

One site that I found was so good I spent a while on it playing with the effects and so I am posting it on the blog for others amusement it is a site that uses a physics engine to render fire and fluid effects in real time I have included a couple of screenshots but they don't do the sight justice.
Peter Blaskovic- Escape Motions Experiments


Flame can be saved as Picture

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