Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling Tired out

I have had a few days feeling worn out because despite the good weather I have been having problems with my breathing. I am annoyed that I didnt get out with the children over the holidays and now they are back at school again.
I find myself upset that the days are just flying past, I am unable to get out on my own much because the good days for breathing are less now.
Then to top it all I had a eye infection over the last couple of days taking away my ability to read,taking away another pleasure and a way to distract myself from the day to day grind.
I didn't update the blog because I was feeling fed up and didnt want to seem to be moaning.But if I share what it is like to wait for a transplant, days like these are part of it. I have been plagued with depressing thoughts about increasing disability and ending up in a wheelchair, permanently attached to a bottle of Oxygen and dependent on my wife and children.
I spent tonight helping my daughter with her Physics revision for her mock exams and for once we laughed and I felt I had something to offer. My son spent his evening playing a new game that he got, and my wife went on her night shift.
I have got out some videos to watch and I am now a well known visitor to the local Blockbuster,although there has been little to impress me lately.Watch this space for any of my recommendations in the future.

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