Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Churchill Hospital Day Out?

Spent a lovely day at the Chest Clinic outpatients today after rushing and avoiding a police speed trap in the driving rain to get to the hospital on time.
We found that there were no parking spaces in the car park nearest to the entrance then learnt that Oxford NHS trust have started to charge Blue badge holders £1.00 an hour to park there! It is not like I have a choice about walking or taking the bus, wake up,the clinic is for sick people who can't breath!!
Got a daily paper as we went in, and spent the next few hours getting X-rayed and weighed and then waiting and waiting and waiting.When we did get in, Doctor was happy that I had a better X-Ray as more of the lung was re inflated. I was happy that I hadn't put on any weight.Health trust were happy that they fleeced us for the car parking fee, and we saw several men with suits and clipboards happily doing nothing useful on the Hospital payroll(paid for with the parking fee no doubt).I was happy to see the Professor who had helped me with my lung collapse and saved my life. He help me with a couple of tests that needed doing and gave me appointment in six months,wishing us good luck for the transplant as we left.
My wife went to work later and I wondered if I would be getting a call tonight having been called on two previous night shift when she was working but put that thought out of my head and got on with the night distracting myself with the computer and magazines that I had bought.

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