Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another wet day

Got up today and needed a bath so I set aside hour and a half of my life to the process.When I was well I loved baths and looked forward to them as a time to relax and enjoy but since I have become unwell with C.O.P.D. bathtime is a dread. I now have to take Oxygen into the bathroom and use it if the breathlessness becomes too much and as today was wet, thunderstorms and lightning, I had a particularly bad time of things, washing my hair is always the worst, as the movement of hands above your head is something that makes me really breathless.
Just after I had washed my self and was recovering the phone goes, I tried to work out what phone it was Mine or my wife's but couldn't tell, I started to worry and a sense of dread overcame me,was it Harefields. I felt my breathing increase and I started to tense up anticipating my wife calling out to me to say it was a transplant coordinator on the phone but no call came and I realised it was probably one of our children ringing on the way back from school.I relaxed again till I caught my breath and was able to get on with the day.I wondered when they would phone again but resolved to get on with things and try not to think too much about it.Easier said than done!

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